If the text is for publication or it is an official document, we usually suggest the text to be proofread. Proofreading is crucial in terms of turning a good translation into an excellent translation.

The proofreader also has access to the original text and is also able to speak the language that the document was originally written in. This stage is especially important if the translation has been carried out by more than one person or as part of a wider translation project.

A translation that has not been proofread reflects the content of the source text and meets the requirements of the target text, however it can contain errors that can only be detected by a mother-tongue expert proofreader. 

Proofreading is a checking process, during which content, terminology and grammatical correctness, style are checked. The target text will be compared to the source text and errors will be eliminated. 

Our quotes do not normally contain our proofreading services, so if you would like to request proofreading, please indicate it in your request for quote. 

Universus Translations offers two kinds of proofreading services: 

Expert proofreading

We will suggest you to request expert proofreading if it is important for the text to contain the right terminology. The text will be proofread by an expert proofreader knowledgable in the specific field of the translation (eg. manuals, financial statements, etc.). The proofreading is done according to the following principles: 

  • correct use of terminology
  • consequent use of terminology
  • correction of possible mistranslations

Mother-tongue proofreading

Mother-tongue proofreading involves a general, stylistic proofreading, during which grammatical and stylistic errors are corrected. Checkpoints are the following: 

  •  the rules of the target culture are kept
  • grammatical correctness
  • style
  • correction of possible mistranslations

The mother tongue proofreading is completed by a mother tongue linguist ( for English texts English proofreader).

The proofreader compares the target text to the original and corrects the possible errors based on the points mentioned above. 

The price of proofreading is 50% the price of the translation. 

Please note that if the text to be proofread is of unacceptable quality, we will offer you the price of the translation.