Universus Translations Agency makes it easy for you to work in multiple languages. Our translation services are efficiently delivered, flexibly priced, and translation quality is always excellent.

Our quotes are based on our clints' needs, so they know what they will receive at the end of the translation process. We offer fast turnaround times, which makes it easier for our clients to concentrate on their day-to-day working life.

Legal translation

The legal translation department works hard to meet the expectations of our clients. We work closely with our translators, who are lawyers and experts in the fields of law, including tax, mergers, aquisitions, employment, property or international law. Reliability and high accuracy characterize Universus Translations, since we know that these traits matter the most. We manage the translation of your legal documents efficiantly and timely. Urgent translation requests are easily handled as well. 

Technical translation

There is a growing need for precise and high-quality technical translations. The translation of technical documents requires not only skilled translators but also one that specialises at a specific industry. 

We provide translation in the following fields: 

  • Automotive industry
  • Engineering
  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • Mechanical systems, engines
  • Construction industry

Medical translation

The field of medical translation is a typical field of translation that needs real translation experts. Translators must have medical background to understand the texts to be translated. This is the utmost priority. Universus Translations can provide the professionals who understand the medical terminology and are skilled to communicate at a professional level.  

Types of medical documents we translate:

  • Case reports
  • Clinical protocols
  • Medical devices, manuals
  • Instructions for use
  • Patient information

IT translation

The developing information technology market lets us believe that the IT market is conquering the world faster than we think. As a result, there is a growing need for IT translations as well. We take extra care and work with the developers together to ensure th ebest of quality and consistency. If the translation and its localisation has been done beautifully, its worth is invaluable. It is clear that your business depends on the quality of the translation, so we do everything to meet your requirements. Choose us to expand your business


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